Three Announcements!

1. Podcast

Episodes for our Lenten podcast series usually post on Wednesday mornings, but the fifth and next episode will be released tomorrow, Thursday, morning. Even if you aren’t reading the book with us, the information shared on each episode stands on its own. It’s been a joy learning from the four women who came together for the Lenten series as they share many pearls of wisdom. Please know these episodes will not expire and will remain available to listen or re-listen when you’re ready. Explore and listen here.

2. Wellie Brackets

The winner of the Wellie NCAA tournament challenge is … yours truly. For the second year in a row. Yes, all this winning is exhausting. 🙂 I’m looking for the second-place finisher with the handle “MoreLuckThanSkill.” If that’s you, please contact me either in the comments below or through private message here.

3. Save the Date – 2019 Summer at The Well

Last but not least, please put a red heart on the calendar for Saturday, July 20. We’re currently pondering and praying over details for our third summer gathering, which will be The Well’s sixth overall event! The theme is Reckless Love and the event will be held at the former Franklin Jr. High in Des Moines. It is now being renovated into an event space; learn more here. We look forward to sharing more information and opening up registration within the coming weeks. Given this event will look and feel a bit different than past gatherings, in your charity, please pray for the Holy Spirit to guide the planning efforts. Thank you!