The Well – The Painting

Image copyright The Well, 2015. All rights reserved.

Artist’s Statement:

“Traditionally, a well was a place of community, a place for women to draw water, and share their lives with one another. In scripture, it is also the symbol of marriage between Christ and his Church. I wanted the image of The Well to be one of welcome and to showcase the natural beauty of the sunrise. This transitional time of day has always seemed the most lovely to me, both for it’s breathtaking beauty and as a time of quiet reflection. It is the chance for a new beginning. The vibrancy of the sunrise surrounds the image of the tree and well. Similar to our Heavenly Father, the tree offers shelter and oasis. The pair of pitchers represent the community surrounding this blessing place. Though we are each on our own spiritual paths, the love of Christ and relationships with those we love help to sustain and nourish us on our individual journeys.” – Christine Hilbert, artist

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