The Holy Spirit’s Symphony

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“There are infinite ways in which the Holy Spirit gently guides our hearts to take action, but like any good musician, when we learn to practice reading the music of our own symphonies … we become more equipped to recognize and carry out His direction.”

Please welcome Sonya Mack, our newest writer here at The Well. In her first blogpost for us, Sonya draws parallels between a beautiful symphony and the work of the Holy Spirit within each of us.

“Holy Mary, Holy Spirit.”

Those were the words that graced my screen as I saw an unread message from “The Well” creator, Lisa Schmidt. With my recent calling into the Christian writing world, I was prompted by a longtime friend to reach out to Lisa about the possibility of writing for the blog.

As Lisa’s story of our connecting scrolled across my computer, I felt a gentle tug at my heart reminding me of the mysterious power of the Holy Spirit to choreograph such an elaborate turn of events. Before me, unfolded a plan that included connections linking back to her hometown, which happens to be my husband’s. Weaved into her story were promptings by close friends, who are my husband’s cousins, and of course, our connections through our mutual friend.

As she recalled how she found me, I couldn’t help but think of how God had orchestrated such a beautiful symphony of events. Though we didn’t know exactly why, one thing was for sure, we were destined to meet.

Why do I tell you this tale?

Because just as Lisa and I experienced, the Holy Spirit has made a profound impact on our lives—and he can do the same for yours.

If you’re at all like me, it’s not always easy to recognize that the same God who created the whole earth, the cascading waves of the ocean, the slated mountains, and all the stars in the galaxy—that same God—lives within each of us.

Our lives, written by God, are more beautifully composed than even the finest symphonies. Sometimes they many seem more like a mess hall than a well-written musical score, but even in our hardest moments, when in the midst of the chaos of life, it is the Holy Spirit who turns our groaning into prayers. (Romans 8:26) In those times when it is difficult to see God’s masterful plan for our lives, it can be helpful to look from a different perspective.

Even an experienced musician is not likely to perform a new piece of music perfectly—especially if the score is particularly difficult. But they would struggle less than someone who perhaps has never picked up an instrument or been trained to read music. So one might ask, does the inability of the musician to read the music, make the arrangement and composition of it any less stunning? Of course not.

The same could be said for our lives in relation to reading the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t matter if we struggle to recognize the notes, he has already written the music, and just like any good composer or conductor, he will still work to guide and teach his students. But, if like experienced musicians, we take time to practice and become more skilled at recognizing His guidance, we would more easily be able to follow His lead.

So, how does the Holy Spirit speak to us?

  1. A verse or quote that hits our heart.

  2. A word, phrase, or thought that refuses to be quieted.

  3. A quiet phrase/voice we pass off as coincidence or something to ignore.

  4. Advice or suggestion from a friend that pulls at your heart strings.

  5. An internal calling that refuses to be ignored.

There are infinite ways in which the Holy Spirit gently guides our hearts to take action, but like any good musician, when we learn to practice reading the music of our own symphonies—prayer, intentional recognition and follow through of our Godly inspired thoughts, well-spoken advice from a trusted friend or adviser, and acting in courage to that which we are called—we become more equipped to recognize and carry out His direction. When we become practiced at following the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we see the symphony created from the chaos.

And when your life is in tune with the Holy Spirit, it’s the greatest song you’ve ever heard.

Copyright 2019 Sonya Mack

Sonya Mack is a Jesus follower, people motivator, joy seeker and dream catcher who works as a Physician Assistant by day and a writer, speaker, wife and girl mom by night. After her mother's passing from ALS in 2010 and the near death of her infant child in 2016, Sonya became ignited with a passion to bring joy out of the ashes of suffering. Firm in her faith and following a deeper calling, Sonya created LIVE JOY—a set of twelve spiritual principles to mold, shape and change lives. Through this platform, she empowers women with one mantra: Don’t just live life—LIVE JOY. You can find more of her work on her recently released website She and her husband Joe, along with their two daughters, Lillian and Sophia, live in Des Moines and attend Christ the King Parish.