Trouble with the Ticket System?

If you logged on yesterday hoping to register for Advent at The Well, did you go to battle with the ticket system? We heard from many women who had issues getting successfully registered. But we also had a great opening day of registrations, so we are a bit perplexed. The Whoozin tech support staff said there Read more about Trouble with the Ticket System?[…]

Advent at The Well: A Word About Our Cookie Table

For those who didn’t attend our 2017 summer gathering, you missed seeing and enjoying Katie Wallin’s “well” cake. It was so beautiful many didn’t realize it was even a cake at first. Some may have even poked at it, but I’m not naming names. 🙂 Katie’s creative baking skills are once again at work for Read more about Advent at The Well: A Word About Our Cookie Table[…]

Save the Date! Advent at The Well

Hello friends! Long time, no blogpost. After our splendid Summer at The Well gathering on June 24, we took some time to rest and intentionally pray for guidance and direction regarding the future of The Well. I’m excited to share there’s a lot happening behind the scenes to build the spiritual and organizational foundation of this Read more about Save the Date! Advent at The Well[…]