Summer At The Well

Summer at The Well | June 24, 2017

“A Woman Encountered” by Geneveve Loraditch

“Get Connected” by Kara Storey

“Submitting to Our Smallness” by Katie Patrizio


“Jesus is His Name, Mercy is His Game” by Julie Nelson

“Look for the Graces” by Ellen Kyhl

“Where is Your Samaria” by Katie Patrizio


Uffda. Oy. Oopsie daisy. Mea culpa. #MyBad. In other words, I made a mistake. I mistakenly set our ticket system to stop receiving registrations this past weekend.… Read More »Oops.


The sweet and sentimental cards received by mothers last weekend are being tucked away for safe-keeping. Others have made their way into the recycling bin.… Read More »FOMOW