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Good News, Better News

Like the Holy Trinity, event planning for The Well is still somewhat a mystery. Why some of our events sell out in a matter of hours and others don’t is something we’re trying to better understand. In the meantime, we have good and better news for you.

To Linger at the Table

“Every Sunday is a little Easter carried throughout the year. An opportunity to celebrate, and to remember the resurrection … Just as on Easter Sunday we linger over empty plates in good company, so too can we linger at the table every Sunday.” Mary Conway shares another gem here, encouraging us to be Church, apostles of joy.

{Video} A Conversation with Artist Christine Hilbert

“Even when your heart is broken your hands remain open.” Christine Hilbert joins Lisa Schmidt for a quick chat about the original artwork “Reckless Love.” Christine hand painted this image to accompany The Well’s upcoming summer gathering on July 20. Learn more about Christine’s work via the quick video.

The Feast of Pentecost

New blogpost: Cindy Clefisch shines a bright light on the Feast of Pentecost and shares practical ways to celebrate this important day on the Church calendar. 

Stay with Me Forever

“Jesus, come into my heart and stay with me forever!” Bonnie Shaw links together joy, suffering, and life-sustaining friendships in this heartfelt reflection celebrating the great feast of Pentecost.

The Legend

“I believe loving one another must first begin with our relationship with Jesus. I challenge you the next time you pray, to close your eyes and have a seat with Jesus.” Destiny Welsh shares a new post at The Well’s blog, reminding us the more time we spend developing our relationships with the Lord, the more He will form our hearts to His own.

Regrets, only

Julie Nelson shares a new blog post at The Well’s blog, one that weaves together the prodigal son, resentment, and gratitude.