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May Crowning

“And in that moment I could hear Mary offering me a gentle encouragement: give Jesus His crown back.” Mary Conway shares her latest insights into a May unlike any other.

What I’m Pondering: Walk-up Songs!

We are launching a new series at The Well called “What I’m Pondering.” Various women will drop by and share what’s on their hearts and minds and invite you to ponder along. Lisa Schmidt, The Well’s founder and executive director, kicks off the series by pondering walk-up songs. Read all about it and share ideas for your favorite walk-up songs!

St. Therese and These Four Walls

“Staying home all day every day is not what even the most introverted home-body among us would want.  St. Therese, on the other hand, fought to enter the small convent in Lisieux…Why?  Because Christ was inviting her to union with him there.” In this special blog post, Kristi Quinlan ponders what St.Therese can teach us about our current call to stay within our four walls.

Finding a Father in St. Joseph

“St. Joseph was sent by God for us to know Him through the example of Joseph.  God trusted St. Joseph with Jesus, let us entrust ourselves to him.” This week on the blog, Julie Nelson shares insights into the holy example of St. Joseph.

Giving Up

“The ache of what had been given up, said “no” to in order to say “yes” to supporting my husband, to meeting the needs of my family through moves, differing stages of life, and through health crises was blooming in my heart. The willing sacrifice and decisions made on my part had been a beautiful gift to my family … Like Jesus, the giving up was the sacrifice that made His gift beautiful.” Bonnie Shaw reflects on a topic many women can relate to in her latest post for The Well.

My Easter Story

“You see, God’s love for us, his plan for our lives, his transforming death into life… THAT is good news. Each of us has an Easter story. In some way, each of us has seen God transform the dark in our lives to light, the death into life.” On this Holy Saturday, Stacy Halbach shares her own Easter story.

The Triduum in Domestic Church

“No doubt there will be great comfort and grace in uniting with the universal Church by watching the Triduum liturgies streamed or televised. But, in the spirit of the truths of our faith mentioned above, consider planning some rituals of your own this Holy Week, rooted in the liturgies.” In this special blog post, The Well’s Kristi Quinlan provides families with activities to bring the beauty of the Triduum and Easter Sunday into our homes.