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Lead On

In honor of the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe (December 12), Bonnie Shaw provides our December reflection and shares how three special friends have drawn her closer to Our Lady.

All Saints, All Souls, and Telling the Family Stories

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“Do you have a favorite saint that few people have ever heard of? Perhaps a story of one of the famous ones most people wouldn’t know? I invite you to tell that story! Because when we know the stories of the Saints, the Litany transforms from a monotonous intonation of names into fond remembrance of friends.” Here is Mary Conway’s family story. What’s yours?

Jeff Bezos, St. Therese, and My Company

“In every teardrop is the heart’s desire. With spiritual mystery, Jesus will fulfill my desires in ways unimaginable. Yes, having reviewed her resume, I found St. Therese to be a great asset to Team Nelson.” – Julie Nelson 

Music for the People: A Summertime Playlist

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In our recent episode of The Water Jar podcast, Molly Myers debuted a fun new segment, Music for The People. Sing, dance, and pray along with her Summertime with The Well playlist