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Location Change for 2019 Summer at The Well

We had to make a location change for the July 20 Summer at The Well gathering. Noteworthy: Our new venue has a smaller capacity, and as of this writing, only a handful of tickets remain. Info detailed in blogpost.

Good News, Better News

Like the Holy Trinity, event planning for The Well is still somewhat a mystery. Why some of our events sell out in a matter of hours and others don’t is something we’re trying to better understand. In the meantime, we have good and better news for you.

Three Announcements!

Three announcements: The release of our next episode in our Lenten podcast series, the winner of the Wellie NCAA tournament challenge, and save the date for our 2019 Summer at The Well gathering

A Virtual Hour of Power with The Well

The Well: An Encounter for Women is hosting an hour of prayer, praise, witness, and worship on Wednesday, April 1 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom video conferencing.

To join, click the meeting link here on Wednesday evening. “Doors” will open at 6:45 p.m.

Hope to see you there!

Meeting Details:
Meeting ID: 811 817 955

Thank you!

(Posted June 25, 2019) Our Reckless Love: Summer at The Well gathering was a great success. Over 200 women gathered together on July 20, 2019 for a day of faith, fellowship, and fun. Talks from the gathering have been uploaded to The Water Jar podcast feed. Subscribe here.

❤️>H8: From Disgust to Compassion

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Deep within our human brain lies a small region where our sense of disgust for self or other is formed, processed, and triggered. But in the exact same brain region, so too is compassion formed, processed, and triggered. You can make a conscious choice to go in one of two directions: to harm or to comfort; to hate or to love; to destroy or to support. Social psychologist Heidi Lepper Barrett shares more in this reflection.

Save the Date! The Well (pre) Lenten Gathering

You are invited to save the date for Saturday, March 2 and join us as we spiritually prepare to enter into the Lenten season. Based on the work of Fr. Jacques Philippe, we will begin a conversation on how to achieve and maintain peace of heart, especially when we find ourselves confronted with circumstances provoking anxiety and restlessness.