Kristi Quinlan

5 Ways to Live your Rosary

October is the month of of the Holy Rosary and today is the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. To celebrate, Kristi Quinlan shares 5 ways to live this most beautiful prayer.

10 Tips for Eucharistic Adoration

Tomorrow, June 14th we celebrate the feast of The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, Corpus Christi. Especially while we hunger more than ever to receive the Body of Jesus, Eucharistic Adoration may be a consoling way to draw near to Jesus. On the blog today, Kristi Quinlan shares 10 tips on how to “sit at his feet” as we adore in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

St. Therese and These Four Walls

“Staying home all day every day is not what even the most introverted home-body among us would want.  St. Therese, on the other hand, fought to enter the small convent in Lisieux…Why?  Because Christ was inviting her to union with him there.” In this special blog post, Kristi Quinlan ponders what St.Therese can teach us about our current call to stay within our four walls.

The Triduum in Domestic Church

“No doubt there will be great comfort and grace in uniting with the universal Church by watching the Triduum liturgies streamed or televised. But, in the spirit of the truths of our faith mentioned above, consider planning some rituals of your own this Holy Week, rooted in the liturgies.” In this special blog post, The Well’s Kristi Quinlan provides families with activities to bring the beauty of the Triduum and Easter Sunday into our homes.

The Well’s Lenten Family Soup Suppers Series: Week 5

This Sunday is Palm Sunday. Our week 5 issue of our Lenten Family Soup Suppers series includes a creamy potato and leek soup recipe and reflection on how Jesus faced each situation he faced. Do we face challenges head-on, knowing Jesus is at our side?

The Well’s Lenten Family Soup Suppers Series: Week 4

“Jesus doesn’t stop all bad things from happening. Why do you think that is?” In week 4 of our Lenten Family Soup Suppers series, Kristi Quinlan provides a Minestrone soup recipe and discussion that is timely for both this Sunday’s Gospel and our world today.

Our New Reality 

“God will act – if not in stopping this virus, then in changing hearts (maybe even our own)! Love will triumph.” Kristi Quinlan offers this spiritual reflection exercise to help guide our decisions and actions and also lift our hearts.

The Well’s Lenten Family Soup Suppers Series: Week 3

Sight is a gift we take for granted each day. In this week’s Family Soup Suppers series, Kristi Quinlan provides a simple mushroom soup recipe and encourages us and our families to consider if we really see as Jesus calls us to.

The Well’s Lenten Family Soup Suppers Series: Week 2

Tortilla soup and living water are the features of Week 2 of the Lenten Family Soup Suppers Series. When Jesus asks us for something, it’s often because he wants to give us something better. What is “the drink” he’s asking from you?