MIRROR: My Inner Responses Reflect On Relationships

The glass mirror as we know it today is only about 200 or so years old. For most of human history it was only in still water where one could see what one ‘looked’ like. Which begs the question: at any moment, do you know what you ‘look’ like? Not identifying features such as the shape of your nose or color of your eyes … but do you know what you ‘look’ like to others? When others see your face, do they want to approach you or avoid you? When others see your face, do they feel welcomed and loved or not so much? When God looks at you, does He see His own Light reflected back? Heidi Lepper Barrett explores in her latest post for The Well’s blog.

The Invitation of The Gospel: Do You Really Accept It?

“In the end what we all want is to have inner peace so we can live out the Gospel. But it’s pride and shame and our inner thoughts that actually promote most of our suffering and distress. We have been conditioned from day one that there is in fact something to pursue that is greater than God himself.” Heidi Lepper Barrett shares on how pride and shame create havoc with our identity as daughters of God.

❤️>H8: From Disgust to Compassion

Deep within our human brain lies a small region where our sense of disgust for self or other is formed, processed, and triggered. But in the exact same brain region, so too is compassion formed, processed, and triggered. You can make a conscious choice to go in one of two directions: to harm or to comfort; to hate or to love; to destroy or to support. Social psychologist Heidi Lepper Barrett shares more in this reflection.

Podcast 11: The Dignity of Work, Eye Contact, Music and the Liturgy, an October Playlist, and a Surprise Ending!

Tune in for your monthly dose of faith, friendship, and fun as Heidi Lepper Barrett, Rachel Brown, Emily Schmid, and Molly Myers all join Lisa Schmidt on Episode 11. Heidi ponders the spiritual importance of eye contact, and Emily shares how music can assist us in experiencing liturgy more fully. Rachel stops by with her pithy Drop by Drop wisdom, and Molly shares an October music playlist to accompany our fall days. Finally, Emily has a very special surprise for us. Tune in and hear the *world debut* of her original song Pour On Us based on the woman at the well (John 4:4-42)! 

Podcast 9: Novena Roses, Discovering Your Gifts, Floating The Tongue, and an August Playlist

  All kinds of fun and helpful tools on this episode of The Water Jar podcast. In her regular segment Drop by Drop, Rachel Brown discusses recognizing your God-given gifts and acknowledging the potential for Him to work through them. Heidi Lepper Barrett shares insights on something she calls “floating the tongue.” As strange as that may Read more about Podcast 9: Novena Roses, Discovering Your Gifts, Floating The Tongue, and an August Playlist[…]

Podcast 8: Journeying Through The Midlife “Unraveling” with Guest Heidi Lepper Barrett

“What’s wrong with me? I have this great life, why can’t I just feel better? Why am I struggling? Seemingly, no one else is struggling … ”  Ever find yourself muttering one of these questions? The feelings of stagnation in the middle years is a common human experience – an unraveling, a collapse, being weighed down. Read more about Podcast 8: Journeying Through The Midlife “Unraveling” with Guest Heidi Lepper Barrett[…]