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For Everything There is a Season

May is Mental Health Awareness month which is timely in our current situation of facing the unknown daily. Today, Cindy Clefisch reflects on her own journey with depression and anxiety and a reminder of what God promises.

The Feast of Pentecost

New blogpost: Cindy Clefisch shines a bright light on the Feast of Pentecost and shares practical ways to celebrate this important day on the Church calendar. 

Protecting Life in Every Age and Stage, Part 3

New blog post at The Well: Cindy Clefisch shares Part 3 in her series Protecting Life in Every Age and Stage.

“There have been many times I’ve been glad that our Catholic faith includes so many visual images. We see Christ in his suffering on the cross, Mary as she is assumed into Heaven, the saints and their sacrifice, even how God is like a shepherd and we are his flock of sheep. What is a life worth? How does one decide that? I literally looked at the crucifix. There Jesus was giving everything He had the power to give for our salvation. One life. HIS life. His sacrifice. And that’s when I had this realization. What kind of sacrifice is my son’s life worth? EVERYTHING!”

Respecting Life at Every Age and Stage – second edition

New blogpost at The Well today is courtesy Cindy Clefisch. Note from Cindy: This post isn’t what I had intended as my second post. I promise the next one will continue the story of our commitment to fight for the life of our son. I just couldn’t ignore these current events. 

Fighting for Life at Every Age and Stage

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Note: Cindy will be sharing a series of blogposts on protecting life, both during her pregnancy and after her son was born. This is the first post in her series.

Wait for the Magi

“Maybe this year you can keep that manger scene up after the Christmas tree has come down. Maybe you can leave those wise men for their own spotlight. They could appear after Christmas and slowly, ever so slowly, make their way to the Christ Child. And during that journey, allow some quiet time for your own epiphany.” – Cindy Clefisch