Regrets, only

Julie Nelson shares a new blog post at The Well’s blog, one that weaves together the prodigal son, resentment, and gratitude.

The Refraction of our Flesh

New blog post –> Dr. Heidi Lepper Barrett shares another post in her ongoing positive psychology column for The Well. “She who lives by the flesh remains in the flesh, she who lives by the Spirit remains in the Spirit.” Read on!

I’m Enough

The woman at the well Gospel reading is recommended on the third Sunday of Lent each year when celebrating the Scrutinies of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. Scrutinies are special rites celebrated on the middle three Sundays of Lent at liturgies where the Elect, those preparing for Baptism, are present. The Church calls us all to examine (scrutinize) the areas of our lives where we are tempted, or seriously sin – in what we do and what we fail to do. Inspired by the woman at the well, now is a prime time to reflect on the “noonday wells” in our lives. Can you imagine Jesus meeting you there? Emily Schmid does just that in the reflection and original song shared in this blogpost.

Wellie NCAA Bracket Challenge

Come join the fun! Our now annual Wellie NCAA Tournament Challenge Bracket is ready for you to join. Pick by mascot, pick by school colors, pick the higher seed. You can even have ESPN autofill your bracket. Have no fear; stats shows those who don’t know much about basketball tend to perform better in their picks than the national sports talking heads. We got this, friends!

On Thorns and Crowns

“Our suffering is not unknown but precious to the one who would unite it to His own, if we would only take it willingly from his hand. Then we could wear this suffering as a crown, and carry it for the Lord all that kingly way to Calvary.” Mary Conway shares a most thought-provoking post today at the blog. What is your thorn – that thing that just won’t give no matter how many things you try? And what is the Lord asking you to do with this thorn? Read on.

For Such a Time As This

“God takes my nothingness and spins it into His finest gold and jewels that adorn my soul. This is the beauty within all of us. This what God delights in us: the crown of humble obedience.” – Julie Nelson
New blog post over at The Well today courtesy Julie Nelson.

Respecting Life at Every Age and Stage – second edition

New blogpost at The Well today is courtesy Cindy Clefisch. Note from Cindy: This post isn’t what I had intended as my second post. I promise the next one will continue the story of our commitment to fight for the life of our son. I just couldn’t ignore these current events. 

❤️>H8: From Disgust to Compassion

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Deep within our human brain lies a small region where our sense of disgust for self or other is formed, processed, and triggered. But in the exact same brain region, so too is compassion formed, processed, and triggered. You can make a conscious choice to go in one of two directions: to harm or to comfort; to hate or to love; to destroy or to support. Social psychologist Heidi Lepper Barrett shares more in this reflection.

Jeff Bezos, St. Therese, and My Company

“In every teardrop is the heart’s desire. With spiritual mystery, Jesus will fulfill my desires in ways unimaginable. Yes, having reviewed her resume, I found St. Therese to be a great asset to Team Nelson.” – Julie Nelson