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The Well’s Lenten Family Soup Suppers Series: Week 1

Join The Well this Lent as we share a simple idea for making Lenten Fridays something different from ordinary Fridays. Each week we will post a simple meatless soup recipe accompanied by a question for you to reflect on while cooking. We will also post a family discussion question to get your family sharing about faith over dinner. Recipes and questions will be posted on Monday to give you plenty of time to prepare for Friday! During this first full week of Lent, we share a recipe for broccoli cheese soup.

Be Like A Child Once Again

“We really do at the core of us have a young child within and when we meet each other at that level, with the united heart of one child reaching out to the other’s child, we simply live out peace much better in our daily lives.” Heidi Lepper Barrett shares another post in her column for The Well.

Mugs and Mercy

In her latest blogpost, Mary Conway brightly weaves together a summer art class, a dusty box of mugs, and the Parable of the Talents. Oh, and you really must check out the story behind her “merciful” mug. Read on!

The Holy Spirit’s Symphony

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“There are infinite ways in which the Holy Spirit gently guides our hearts to take action, but like any good musician, when we learn to practice reading the music of our own symphonies … we become more equipped to recognize and carry out His direction.”

Please welcome Sonya Mack, our newest writer here at The Well. In her first blogpost for us, Sonya draws parallels between a beautiful symphony and the work of the Holy Spirit within each of us. 

Reckless Love

How do the Oklahoma State University crew team, Garth Brooks, and The Brady Bunch play a role in God’s Reckless Love? Let’s go on a journey with Bonnie Shaw’s latest reflection to find out!

The Invitation of The Gospel: Do You Really Accept It?

“In the end what we all want is to have inner peace so we can live out the Gospel. But it’s pride and shame and our inner thoughts that actually promote most of our suffering and distress. We have been conditioned from day one that there is in fact something to pursue that is greater than God himself.” Heidi Lepper Barrett shares on how pride and shame create havoc with our identity as daughters of God.

Location Change for 2019 Summer at The Well

We had to make a location change for the July 20 Summer at The Well gathering. Noteworthy: Our new venue has a smaller capacity, and as of this writing, only a handful of tickets remain. Info detailed in blogpost.

Good News, Better News

Like the Holy Trinity, event planning for The Well is still somewhat a mystery. Why some of our events sell out in a matter of hours and others don’t is something we’re trying to better understand. In the meantime, we have good and better news for you.

To Linger at the Table

“Every Sunday is a little Easter carried throughout the year. An opportunity to celebrate, and to remember the resurrection … Just as on Easter Sunday we linger over empty plates in good company, so too can we linger at the table every Sunday.” Mary Conway shares another gem here, encouraging us to be Church, apostles of joy.