Save the Date! The Well (pre) Lenten Gathering

You are invited to save the date for Saturday, March 2 and join us as we spiritually prepare to enter into the Lenten season.

Date: Saturday morning, March 2 (approximate time 8:30-noon)

Location: Diocese of Des Moines Pastoral Center, Downtown Des Moines

Theme: Searching for and Maintaining Peace

We live in a day and age where peace of soul is becoming more difficult to achieve due to influences around us and the hectic pace of everyday life. We can find ourselves consumed with worries and anxieties, affecting our ability to find true peace in God. Since peace of heart is a pure gift, it is something we should seek, pursue, and ask for without ceasing.

Based on the writings of Fr. Jacques Philippe, we will begin a conversation on how to achieve and maintain peace of heart, especially when we find ourselves confronted with circumstances provoking anxiety and restlessness.

Katie Patrizio is our keynote speaker. Registration will include a gift of Fr. Philippe’s book Searching for and Maintaining Peace along with a reading supplement. (A very short book, readable and appropriate for the Lenten season.) Throughout the six weeks of Lent, weekly podcasts will be shared featuring a team of women offering insights and encouragement on the suggested weekly reading.

Stay tuned for full details and registration information!