Podcast 6: Keeping Our Prayer Habits Beyond Lent with guest Katie Patrizio

Katie Patrizio joins Lisa once again.

Katie Patrizio is the Director of Faith Formation at St. Cecilia Parish in Ames. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy and theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville and a Master’s degree in Biblical theology from John Paul the Great Catholic University in San Diego. Katie frequently teaches popular studies of Scripture and also serves as an instructor for the Catechetical Institute of the Diocese of Des Moines. When she’s not working for Jesus she enjoys good beer, bike rides, and daydreaming about her home state of California.

Topics addressed in this episode:

  • How to keep the prayer habits developed this Lent into the Easter season and beyond.
  • Spiritual direction — what is it and do we need it?
  • Strategies for navigating through times of spiritual desolation.


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2 thoughts on “Podcast 6: Keeping Our Prayer Habits Beyond Lent with guest Katie Patrizio”

  1. Amen! A good friend can be the best spiritual companion. One of the most fruitful parts of this lent for me has been a weekly phone call with a friend from college to discuss a book we were reading together. (Consoling the Heart of Jesus by Fr. Gaitley) It’s about half book discussion, half life discussion, and it has truly been spiritual direction for both of us.

    Desolation is so hard and so heavy. I have found St. Bernadette’s prayer of thanksgiving so beautiful on the subject of suffering. Especially the last line, “For You-when You were present and when You were not—thank you, Jesus.”

    Thanks for another wonderful podcast!

    1. Mary, fantastic feedback! Thank you for chiming in and sharing about your conversations with your friend. What a gift for you both.

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