Podcast 5: Habits and Happiness with guest Rachel Brown

Our special guest on Podcast 5 is Rachel Brown.

Rachel loves white boards, new ideas, and easy recipes. She and her husband Curtis are continually tweaking their strategy to raise four boys who love God and one another. Rachel also works on a consulting basis for local nonprofits and is a parishioner at St. Pius X Catholic Church in Urbandale, Iowa.
Rachel and Lisa discuss how cultivating consistent prayer habits through the 1% Challenge™ can grow a garden of virtues and lead to true happiness.


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The 30-day scripture prompts from Evangelical Catholic mentioned in the show can be downloaded here.

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4 thoughts on “Podcast 5: Habits and Happiness with guest Rachel Brown”

  1. I always think of myself as a fairly ordered person – then I clicked the link to Tom Neal’s blog because I was intrigued by the quote you shared. WOW!!!! I think I am leading a life of dissipation………not sure where this will lead, but thank you ladies for bringing that message from the Holy Spirit to me.

    1. Right? The image of a helter skelter dissipated life resonated with me deeply, too, and came at the right moment for me when I first read it. So grateful for Dr. Neal’s words and wisdom. Thanks for listening and sharing your feedback. Thankful for you, Ginger!

  2. Enjoyed this podcast very much! Thank you! “Resistant to routine” Hmmm…. guilty!
    Living with gratitude is the key,
    Routines like prayer time are the “invisible architecture” of our lives. All thoughts that resonated with me.

    1. Hi Jenny! Great to see your response here. Thank you for listening and providing feedback. Thinking about prayer in terms of the foundational building blocks of our life is a powerful image, isn’t it? I’m glad it resonated with you as it did Rachel and me.

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