Podcast 11: The Dignity of Work, Eye Contact, Music and the Liturgy, an October Playlist, and a Surprise Ending!

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Tune in for your monthly dose of faith, friendship, and fun as Heidi Lepper Barrett, Rachel Brown, Emily Schmid, and Molly Myers join Lisa Schmidt on Episode 11. Heidi ponders the spiritual importance of eye contact, and Emily shares how music can assist us in experiencing liturgy more fully. Rachel stops by with her pithy Drop by Drop wisdom, and Molly shares an October music playlist to accompany our fall days. Finally, Emily has a very special surprise for us. Tune in and hear the *world debut* of her original song Pour On Us based on the woman at the well (John 4:4-42). What a treat!

Time Stamp for Each Segment

  • 1:49: Good News — Lisa on the dignity of work and dignity of the human person
  • 8:07: Healthy Psychology — Heidi on eye contact
  • 20:08: Drop by Drop with Rachel
  • 22:53: Emily on allowing music to help us experience the liturgy more fully
  • 51:01: Music For The People — Molly’s monthly playlist
  • 1:16:11: Emily Schmid shares a raw, acoustic cut of her original song Pour On Us (insert happy dance emoji!)

October Playlist


Bumper music featured in this episode:

Connect in person:

Here’s the image Lisa referenced from St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The power of eye contact … fix your eyes upon Jesus!

Photo Credit: Sarah Dickmeyer


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