Music for the People: A Summertime Playlist

Molly Myers is grateful to be married to her best friend Brad and blessed to be raising two little men. She wakes up everyday seeking saint status ... and stumbles all the time! Molly enjoys a glass of wine, fashion, and a good book. She is also owner of Ave22, a fashion consulting business. The Myers family are parishioners at St. Francis of Assisi in West Des Moines.

In our recent episode of The Water Jar podcast, Molly Myers debuted a fun new segment Music for The People. Molly created a music playlist for us to sing with, dance to, and pray with throughout these remaining days of summer. Links to the playlist are shared below. To hear more from Molly and how this segment came to be, tune in to the 36:00 minute mark on the podcast episode here.

There are two ways to access this playlist: through YouTube and Apple Music. Listen free via YouTube. You must be a subscriber to Apple Music to listen through that medium.

Here’s the free YouTube Playlist:

For those with an Apple Music Subscription, here you go!

Author: The Well

The Well is a vibrant women’s ministry rooted in prayer, evangelization, and charitable action. We exist to gather women together, to celebrate spiritual friendships, and to build up the local Catholic community. Just as the Samaritan woman encountered Jesus at a well, we pray the work of this ministry opens doors to a deeper and sustained encounter with Jesus for those who gather with us.

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