Location Change for 2019 Summer at The Well

We had to make a location change for the 2019 Summer at The Well gathering. The message below was shared with registered attendees earlier today, and we also wanted to share the updates here. Noteworthy: Our new venue has a smaller capacity, and as of this writing, only a handful of tickets remain. If you’d like to attend, please register here soon!

There’s a song on Christian radio I hear a lot lately, Defender by Francesca Batistelli. I find myself belting out the chorus long after the song ends, embarrassing my kids in the process. There’s a lyric line I’m particularly drawn to: “Hallelujah, You have saved me. So much better Your way.”

Those words have become a prayer anchor right now.

Long story, short: There was a snafu in our plans for Saturday, July 20. We recently learned our original venue was double booked, creating some interesting choices for us. After weeks discerning and exploring available options, we decided to relocate our gathering to St. John’s Catholic Church in Adel, twenty miles west of Des Moines off I-80.

We have a beautiful day planned, and very little has changed regarding the gathering other than the location. The Well seeks to provide a prayer-filled, refreshing experience for women who gather with us. Upon reflection, we feel our mission will be better served in this new location.

We are grateful to staff at St. John’s for welcoming us lovingly with wide-open arms. We are resting in joyful hope knowing our Lord has a beautiful day planned for us on Saturday, July 20.

Hallelujah, You have saved me. So much better Your way.

More information on 2019 Summer at The Well here. Please reach out with questions!

Thank you,
Lisa Schmidt
The Well: An Encounter for Women