Good News, Better News

Like the Holy Trinity, event planning for The Well is still somewhat a mystery. Why some of our events sell out in a matter of hours and others don’t is something we’re trying to better understand. In the meantime, we have good and better news for you.

Good news: If you haven’t yet registered for the 2019 Summer at The Well gathering on Saturday, July 20, tickets are still available.

Better news: We budgeted for 200 early bird tickets. Even though the early bird price expired last week, as of this writing, 37 of those tickets remain. We are honoring our original budget estimate and will leave those remaining seats at the $55 rate. When they are gone, the ticket price jumps to $70. We also have a handful of $25 student and consecrated/religious tickets still available.

Come. Refresh at The Well on July 20. Register at Eventbrite here.