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    SMS verification of registered accounts in the banking industry and more info here many others is possible with online SMS phone verification services in the form of an API or an individual programming solution. The method consists of our system sending an SMS to the phone number supplied during registration. The SMS includes a code that the recipient must rewrite during the verification process. You can use our services to reduce the number of scams, internet frauds, and hacker attacks.

    SMS verification is a method in which you receive a text message carrying a one-time passcode on your mobile phone after registering with an identity provider to use their service for the first time.

    Then, in order to complete registration and validate your account, you must enter the proper passcode. If you don’t have an SMS-capable phone, some carriers will allow you to set up email verification instead. It is usually used by banks and other financial institutions as an additional type of authentication on sensitive transactions within their environment.

    By sending a one-time use confirmation code to the same mobile phone number used for registration, the SMS Verification code improves security when checking in to a website. You may ensure that your account is only accessed by the person who created it by enabling two-factor authentication. Furthermore, if you change your password, anyone who have previously used or guessed passwords will no longer be able to access your account.

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