For Such a Time As This

“God takes my nothingness and spins it into His finest gold and jewels that adorn my soul. This is the beauty within all of us. This is how God delights in us: the crown of humble obedience.” – Julie Nelson

“You were created for such a time as this…” Esther 4:14

Praying with a friend recently, she was moved to pray these words over me. God put an exclamation point on these words as the next day while shopping, I spotted them on wall art. Not just a small 8 x 10 canvas, no, a large 12 x 16 wooden board! This WAS a sign from God!

Esther was plucked from obscurity to be chosen as a queen. She lived among luxury and fine accoutrements. Yet, she lived with an interior simplicity amid the riches. She radiated love and beauty from her heart.

Queen Esther’s simplicity must have been shocking and difficult to understand among the royal court. When it was Esther’s turn to come before King Xerxes for his review, she only took what the harem-master recommends. Her cohorts must have been appalled she didn’t bring the regalia of vanity. Perhaps they reacted with smugness for certainly the king would not choose such a simple girl as Esther. But Esther loved her King (metaphorically speaking) and her main concern was to please the King. The Lord delights when we come to him with the heart of a child in simple faith. How often do I want more of worldly desires for myself and less of what God has given me? I am so spoiled and easily fall into this sense of entitlement.

Do I give Him my simple desires of the heart? Do I put aside my own selfishness and live with a heart of gratitude? Am I content with my life’s vocation as wife and mother, or singleness?

“For such a time as this” echoes in my heart.

How often we can drift into the “if only” in our difficulties? If only the kids could sleep through the night, if only I had a million dollars, if only I didn’t have to parent amid social media, if only I lived in simpler times like my mother and grandmother, if only I could be married, if only this job was…, if only my co-worker didn’t…  But I am reminded I have been created for such a time as this. God chose me to be here in this time for a purpose. God has given me the free gift of faith. He has uniquely designed for me these experiences with the wisdom gleaned from trials and joys of my life and asks that I give these as gifts for Him. Do I please my King with my simple, humble offering of myself?

And how do I prepare my heart to meet the King? How do I meet Him daily in the trials and joys of daily life? I go to Him with an uncomplicated faith. He asks that I eschew the worldly adornments like Esther, and bring to Him my nothingness.

God takes my nothingness and spins it into His finest gold and jewels that adorn my soul. This is the beauty within all of us. This is how God delights in us: the crown of humble obedience.

A favorite quote of mine is from St. Agnes, “Christ made my soul beautiful with the jewels of grace and virtue. I belong to Him whom the angels serve”. Girlfriends, straighten your God-given tiara of jewels for you were created for such a time as this!

Copyright 2019 Julie Nelson

Julie Nelson is a self described ambient introvert and Catholic “passionista.” Loving God’s sense of humor, Julie is a former nurse who now is Co-Host of Catholic Women Now weekly radio program. Speaking at the 2017 summer Well gathering, Julie is now building a speaking ministry. Her happy place is being surrounded with her family, especially by a beach or a lake. Julie lives out her childhood dream of being a fashion designer in her sewing room while binging on Fashion Runway. Julie is a member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in West Des Moines, Iowa.