Everyone Needs Deadlines (At least Walt Disney said so)

Do deadlines energize you like they do me? 2017 Summer at The Well is two weeks away and today is the last day to register in order to receive a blessing bag. Head on over here to the ticket system.

Speaking of that ticketing system, given we changed systems from last year, I ask all current ticket holders to double check for an email confirmation from the Whoozin ticket system. The Whoozin confirmation will look like this (please ignore my comment as that was me just testing the system before we launched it.)

If you have the email confirmation, you’re good to go. Rest assured we’re planning for you. If you aren’t finding a confirmation in your in-box, please send me an email directly at [email protected], and I’ll double check your registration.

Our schedule is being finalized, and we’ll have a timeline of the entire day including teasers on all the talks to you by early next week. Until then …