Easter – The Great Rescue

All of our guests were involved in this unlikely Easter drama.  Living in a university town, our family has the opportunity to invite international graduate students and visiting scientists to join our family celebrations. On a recent pre-covid Easter Sunday, my husband picked up guests in our family minivan. As they arrived at our house, everyone noticed two cats, startled by the car’s engine, jump out from our egress window well. Investigating why those cats were in the window well, they saw a baby bunny cowering in a corner of the well with its head burrowed and its white tail up in the air.  There are bushes on either side of the window well, so, we guessed that the bunny and cats must have fallen into the window well during a frantic chase. 


​It was obvious to us that the arrival of the van scared away the cats just in the nick of time or the baby bunny would have been lunch for the hunters.  The rest of the drama unfolded as the guests and everyone in the house came out to watch my husband go down into the window well, which was about 4 feet deep, to catch the desperate baby bunny and set it free.  The spontaneous cheers and clapping probably scared the bunny even more as it instantly scurried away as soon as its legs hit the level ground above the well.  


Jesus Saves

​After enjoying a selection of main entrees (some guests did not eat pork, some did not eat beef, some only ate plants) and lots of pies and Easter eggs for the children, we shared with the guests the significance of Easter, the Greatest Event of Christianity.  Jesus has risen from the dead, is alive today and invites each one to live a life of love with Him.  Jesus, whose name means “God saves,” declares to all people, “I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live.”  (John 11:26)

To Live in Freedom

At the heart of Easter is the greatest rescue of all.  Trapped in sin, there is no way out for each of us – no matter what we say, think, or do – we all face the wages of sin, which is sure death.   Dante’s, “Abandon hope all ye who enter here,” is an accurate label over our lives and destiny as sinners.  God displayed His infinite love for us by coming to us in the form of a man.  He came to manifest His absolute mercy and His utter compassion to free us from helplessness and despair.  Jesus suffered, was crucified, died and rose from the dead – not only to save us from destruction but also to empower us to live as sons and daughters of God.

Real Life

The rescue of the bunny, witnessed by our guests and family, portrayed more clearly and more powerfully for all of us the meaning of Easter.  No telling what the bunny would have looked like if the ravenous cats pounced on it with their deadly claws.  We all understood the imminent danger the bunny faced, and we were all relieved to see the bunny unscathed.  Knowing the fluffy animal can live its bunny life filled us with joy and satisfaction.  After we bid our guests farewell and while walking to cars in the driveway, the children and some guests went by the egress window well to peer into it once more.  It was empty.

Jesus overcame death and emptied it of its power over us.  The bunny Easter drama is the story of each of us baptized in Christ.  We are not only free from the slavery of sin and death but free to live a life of holiness and love.

Jesus is risen! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Copyright 2021 Nannet Horton

Nannet Horton is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, NFP teacher, and CGS catechist. She enjoys being a student of the Catholic faith and teaching it to others. Her first book, “Missionary Parenting – Cultivating the 6 Key Relationships Essential to Your Domestic Church,” is co-written with her husband, Bob.

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