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The Unrepentant Thief

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Lent is right around the corner. Nannet Horton offers us 5 steps to prepare our hearts for Lent.

Virtue of Perseverance

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2020 challenged many of us in mind, body, and spirit. In her latest blog post for The Well, Nannet Horton provides insight on how we can foster the virtue of perseverance in the new year.

People Sat in Great Darkness

“When in your life did you know God was present but just couldn’t see or understand what was happening at the time?” On The Well’s latest blog post, Katie Sample reflects on how we can often miss God’s presence.

Advent Series: Light One Candle for Love

“The word love is so overused these days and has almost lost its meaning. How can we use the same word to describe the reason Jesus died on the cross for us and how much we enjoy chocolate cake?” Read more in the final blog post of our Advent series.

Being True to Advent

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“After lighting the rose-colored candle on the Advent wreath, we may be tempted to ignore the significance of the final purple-colored candle.” Are you truly prepared for Christmas? Nannet Horton explores what preparations may still need to be made.

Top 10 Ways We Practice Gratitude

Have you tapped into the “transforming power of practicing gratitude in daily life”? Stacy Halbach shares 10 ways to create an attitude of gratitude all year.