5 Ways to BLESS

Alleluia! Spring is here, trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and we are rejoicing because after a long Lent Jesus has risen. Couldn’t you just sing!?

Our churches were open again this Easter, the newly baptized and confirmed are with us in the pews, the Holy Water is back in the fonts at our parishes, and Christ is alive and well in our hearts. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling blessed.

So here are five simple ways to spread the blessing this Easter season and beyond:

  1. Holy Water – Let that Holy Water rain down like April showers! Bless your home, your workplace, your car… but most of all bless yourSELF and bless others. Make a habit to bless yourself before you leave the house, or right before bed. If you live with others, bless them too! A simple sign of the cross on the forehead can be a beautiful gesture of blessing, especially for little ones.
  2. Affirmation/Honoring – Our world is hungry for affirmation. Many friends and families take a birthday or other special occasion to intentionally honor an individual. Find intentional times to speak about the good things you see in others and the blessing they are in your life. We need to hear it!
  3. Meal Blessing – Another easy way to bring blessing into your everyday life is with a simple meal prayer. If this is already a habit for you try adding something new like saying a prayer for the souls in purgatory, or offering a prayer of thanksgiving for a blessing received.
  4. Encouragements – Be attentive to the little encouragements you can give throughout the day. Have you ever been complimented by a stranger and felt your whole spirit lift? Received a note out of the blue from a friend and found yourself filled with hope? These little encouragements can be life-giving water to another person.
  5. Listen – Your attention matters. Giving someone your undivided attention (be it a child, a friend, or a stranger at the store) sends a message that they matter, that they are important to you. In a world with so much distance and distraction the simple gift of presence and attention can be profound.

What are some other ways we can bless others? What are ways that you have been blessed this past year? Spread the blessing today by sharing your thoughts in the comments, or sharing this post with a friend.

I’ll start! Before you go I’d like to bless you with a word of wisdom handed down from my great grandmother, Clara Helen Murrin Murphy, who taught her children, “Don’t look for the bad as you go through life and even though you find it; be wise and kind and somewhat blind and look for the good behind it.”

Dear sisters, may you seek the good this Easter season, and may you find it in abundance!

Copyright 2021 Mary Conway

Mary Conway loves books, tea, and Jesus, but not in that order. She received her bachelor’s degree in English with minors in Business and Catholic Studies from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. Mary works in accounting for a local nonprofit where her secret undying love for Excel spreadsheets is put to good use. She is a parishioner at St. Pius X in Urbandale.

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  1. Thank you Mary!! So good to see you out there, and hear of the wonderful things going on in your life. We are truly Blessed with your beautiful writings.

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