How much do tickets cost to attend The Well?

Important Update: The $50 registration fee is an early-bird special through March 31, 2016! After April 1, tickets are $60/person. Tickets go on sale March 1 at midnight (central). The countdown is on!

A question I’ve been asked a lot is, “How much do tickets cost?”

I have the answer. For weeks, I’ve known the answer, yet I’m hesitant to share. I’ll explain more about that in a moment. But first, the short answer to the question, How much do tickets cost?” is … drumroll please … $50.00.

For $50, you receive the following:

  • 5 talks by local faith-filled women, 1 talk by a beloved, popular, and holy Des Moines priest, and several breakout sessions throughout the day.
  • 2 meals — lunch and dinner — catered by Baratta’s.
  • Dessert and coffee bar following dinner.
  • Snacks served throughout the day.
  • Automatic entry toward a plethora of sweet door prizes given away during the event.
  • The dance party!
  • Then there’s the potential encounter with Jesus and the opportunity to grow in faith with 249 spiritual sisters … priceless!

The reason I’m hesitant to share the ticket price is it costs well above $50/woman to put on this gathering. But as the planning committee has prayed and discussed and prayed more, we felt $50 was the highest we could go in order to provide women with an affordable yet unique and spiritually fulfilling experience. So that means we are becoming BFFs with the words donations, sponsorships, and fundraisers.

The photo below is the plaque hanging in my bathroom (please tell me I’m not the only one who uses that space as an occasional hideaway?). The plaque contains one of my favorite Scripture verses from Hebrews 11:1, “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” The thought occurred to me during a recent retreat to my “sacred” space that when it comes to fundraising the amount necessary for our budget to be in the black come July 16, 2016, I have been clinging to a whole lot of fear and not much faith. My fear of not being certain as to how this financially plays out has paralyzed me from even sharing the information with you. But, you deserve to know so that you can budget accordingly, and we can begin living out Hebrews 11:1.

Tickets cost $50/person. Let me repeat. Tickets cost $50/person. (See Lisa, that wasn’t so hard, was it?) And those $50 tickets go on sale on March 1.

God will provide.

Faith is being sure of what we hope for. Heb 11-1

I’m certain you don’t see the dirt on my bathroom wall, either.