Take the Pledge and Join The Well’s 1% Challenge

The Well is teaming up with The Evangelical Catholic, Inc. this Lent to share the 1% Challenge™. Join us over the next six weeks as we launch this daily prayer movement and create schools of prayer within our larger community.

1% of your day is 14 minutes and 24 seconds. (For the sake of the Kingdom, let’s round that up to 15 minutes.) 15 minutes each day spent in God’s presence — reading, reflecting, responding, and resting with his Word — adds up to 90 hours in one year. That is time well spent and a testimony to how a little at a time turns into something remarkable! – The Evangelical Catholic, Inc.

During each week of Lent, we will share brief inspirational emails and podcasts featuring Katie Patrizio that teach and encourage us as we seek to grow in prayer.

One percent. Fifteen minutes a day. Six weeks. No charge.

Together, we can do this!

Are you ready to join The Well’s 1% Challenge™ and experience a prayerful Lent? Complete the form below to indicate your desire and commitment to seek the Lord every day.

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