The Well: An encounter for women

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In ancient Samaritan villages, the water well was an important gathering place. It was a place where women encountered one another to draw water and share their lives.

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The Team

Meet “the Wellies,” the women connecting the dots to make The Well a reality.

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The Painting

“I wanted the image of The Well to be one of welcome and to showcase the natural beauty of the sunrise.” – Christine Hilbert, artist

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The Gatherings

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Bringing women together; Fostering spiritual friendships; Strengthening the community

In Samaritan villages, the well was an important gathering place. Often centrally located, the water well provided basic sustenance for life. It was a place where women encountered one another to draw water and share their lives. The well was also where the Samaritan woman first encountered Jesus and was spiritually healed. She then went and shared the Good News with those she encountered.

It is in this spirit that The Well was born.

The Well launched on July 16, 2016, when 350 women gathered together in Downtown Des Moines to spend quality time with each other, to grow in our understanding as women of the Church, and were treated to great food, music, and conversation. It was an experience of faith, friendship, and sharing the joys (and challenges!) of everyday life.

But the vision for The Well is more than just this one-day event. To capitalize on the momentum and energy from the summer gathering, seasonal events such as Advent at The Well and Lent at The Well will be offered, providing more opportunities for growing in our faith and enjoying fellowship with one another.

  • Just as the Samaritan woman encountered Jesus at the well, we pray The Well opens doors to a deeper and sustained encounter with Jesus for the women who attend.

  • The Well provides women an opportunity to experience a culture of encounter, one that fosters spiritual friendships and builds up the local Christian community.

  • The Well encourages holy leisure, rest and celebrating femininity and beauty – all in a festive environment.

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