The Well – The Painting

Hey there! Lisa Schmidt here. It was during a Saturday morning coffee chat at Caribou Coffee with Brooke Miller where the name “The Well” was born. Brooke casually referenced the woman at the well from John 4 and I exclaimed, “That’s it! Our gathering shall be called The Well!”

With the name solidified, I then moved on to finding a visual representation for The Well, something beautiful yet simple, to use for logo and promotional materials. I immediately enlisted the help of my friend and talented artist Christine Hilbert. I had wanted for years to hire her for a something, and I’m so glad we finally have this terrific opportunity to work together.

Christine Hilbert

Image copyright Christine Hilbert. All Rights Reserved.

Christine is a wife, mom, creative genius, fashionista, and parishioner at St. Francis of Assisi in West Des Moines. See more of Christine’s beautiful and inspiring work here.

When I met with Christine and shared all the ideas rolling around in my heart for this women’s gathering, she immediately “got” the vision for The Well. I knew we were in good hands, pun intended! When she delivered the final product, my heart exclaimed, “It’s simply perfect!” Here it is.


Image copyright The Well, 2015. All rights reserved.

Here’s Christine’s artist’s statement about the painting:

Traditionally, a well was a place of community, a place for women to draw water, and share their lives with one another. In scripture, it is also the symbol of marriage between Christ and his Church. I wanted the image of The Well to be one of welcome and to showcase the natural beauty of the sunrise. This transitional time of day has always seemed the most lovely to me, both for it’s breathtaking beauty and as a time of quiet reflection. It is the chance for a new beginning. The vibrancy of the sunrise surrounds the image of the tree and well. Similar to our Heavenly Father, the tree offers shelter and oasis. The pair of pitchers represent the community surrounding this blessing place. Though we are each on our own spiritual paths, the love of Christ and relationships with those we love help to sustain and nourish us on our individual journeys.” – Christine Hilbert, artist