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July 16, 2016

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The Inspiration

“Incarnational time” spending time with friends, in the flesh, sharing our gifts and who we are – our highs, lows, and in-betweens – with each another.

The Team

Meet the women behind the encounter.

The Painting

“I wanted the image of The Well to be one of welcome and to showcase the natural beauty of the sunrise.” – Christine Hilbert, artist

The Schedule

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What is this all about?

So glad you asked.
Think 1/3 women's conference, 1/3 retreat, and 1/3 ladies' night out!

In Samaritan villages, the well was an important gathering place. Often centrally located, the water well provided basic sustenance for life. It was a place where women encountered one another to draw water and share their lives. The well was also where the Samaritan woman first encountered Jesus and was spiritually healed. She then went and shared the Good News with those she encountered.

It is in this spirit that The Well was born.

The Well is July 16, 2016 at the Forte Banquet and Conference Center in Downtown Des Moines, just one block south of Wells Fargo Arena. It will be an experience like none other; think 1/3 women’s conference, 1/3 retreat, and 1/3 ladies’ night out. The target audience is Catholic women who reside in and around the Des Moines area. But bottom line: all women are welcome! Registration opens March 1 and is limited to the first 250 who register.

  • Faith

    Just as the Samaritan woman encountered Jesus at the well, we pray The Well opens doors to a deeper and sustained encounter with Jesus for the women who attend.

  • Fellowship

    The Well will provide women an opportunity to experience a culture of encounter, one that fosters spiritual friendships and builds up the local Christian community.

  • Fun

    This unique gathering will encourage holy leisure, rest and celebrating femininity and beauty – all in a festive environment.

  • (Good) Food

    Throw in some fancy food and fine libations, and this gathering is one you don’t want to miss!

The Feminine Genius

The heart and soul behind The Well.
Head over here for bios of the entire planning team.
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Lisa Schmidt

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Brooke Miller

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Rachel Brown

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Mary Tice

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Kara Storey

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Stacy Halbach

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Molly Myers

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Sarah Schiltz

Tickets for The Well 2016 are now on sale!

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